They also shared our priorities for education and workforce

New York can work with Trump

New York City, as always, needs Washington. But Republicans control both Congress and the White House, at least for the next two years canada goose black friday sale and the city is heavily Democratic. Compounding the problem, our local political leaders seldom miss an opportunity to bash President Trump and the GOP.

So does that mean we should give up all hope of help canada goose outlet from DC on everything from funding for mass transit and low income housing to education aid, homeland security and health care? Not at all.

Last week, 50 business leaders representing the Partnership for New York City headed to Washington on an advocacy and reconnaissance mission. We met with leaders in the White House and Congress and came back feeling that there is indeed a path forward, but it runs counter to what most New Yorkers are comfortable with, since it relies on working with Trump.

Here is the hard truth: New York City contributes over canada goose coats on sale $740 billion a year to the national economy and another $117 billion to the national treasury. But this does not win us much respect on Capitol Hill.

Most members cheap canada goose uk of Congress represent areas Canada Goose Jackets of the country that resent New York’s canada goose coats economic strength, politics and global canada goose jacket outlet orientation. They falsely regard the canada goose clearance city as somehow taking more than we give to the country, despite the fact that our canada goose outlet online tax payments to Washington are $56 billion more than we get back.

Except from our fellow New Yorkers, we did not find much understanding or sympathy in Washington for our city and its value to the entire country.

But at the White House, it was a different canada goose outlet canada story. There were New Yorkers and business people on both sides of the table, talking common sense solutions rather than partisan politics. As our meeting was live streamed, Trump proclaimed with genuine canada goose black friday sale enthusiasm, „I love New York!“

Cabinet secretaries and senior White canada goose outlet reviews House staff outlined commitments to advance an infrastructure program that does not simply shift responsibility to the private sector but maintains government funding canada goose outlet black friday and offers regulatory relief.

We heard a sense of urgency around new construction, modernization and resiliency projects critical to the future of New York and other cities. They also shared our priorities for education and workforce development initiatives that will help close the skills gap and prepare Americans for jobs in the innovation economy.

Trump rolled out a chart of the regulatory process that has to be navigated to build a new highway. He detailed the 17 different agencies, 29 federal laws and 10 to 20 years sponsors of such a project must navigate before a shovel goes in the ground.

He referenced New York’s complex re zoning procedures, which he knows well, and was clearly thrilled to be in a position to do something to simplify and speed up the pace of government bureaucracy to generate jobs and improve the country’s competitive status.

Many in our cheap Canada Goose delegation knew Trump from past incarnations, but only canada goose factory outlet a few supported his uk canada goose outlet run for canada goose outlet president. Moreover, there’s disagreement with parts of his preliminary budget, released on March 16, which would cut funds for city priorities like public housing, NYPD counterterrorism, medical research, education and mass transit. The business community also objects to threats of recrimination against „sanctuary“ cities and law abiding immigrants.

But as the president spoke about his priorities and gave first name shout outs to New Yorkers canada goose outlet nyc in the room, members of our delegation saw the possibility of working with this administration. In contrast to the frequently outrageous candidate, President Trump seemed like a New Yorker, ready to make deals and get something accomplished.

New York has big stakes in upcoming budget and tax negotiations. Our congressional delegation and Senate Minority Leader Charles Schumer will be there for us, but they will need help defending our interests. We have already identified some issues where the White House will be on our side, and this is something to build on.

Near the end of our meeting, Trump noted, with a twinkle in his eye: „You’re in good hands, believe me. You can tell the people of New York. Even though I didn’t win New York state.“ He clearly understood that the economic strength of the entire nation is directly connected to the strength of New York.

New York’s interests require rising above the partisan politics that have gridlocked the country for the past decade. We came away from the day in Washington with real hope that the official canada goose outlet Trump administration can be canada goose outlet toronto factory an ally and help balance the scales in our favor canada goose outlet.

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